21/1/25 Personalized Fish hook triple Carbon steel Customized Text/Picture 101

SKU: 101 水滴型三重鱼钩

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重量:4g/ 0.01lb
价格:采购价+物流费(亚马逊标品$ - $ )

Personalized and Customlzed Printing: Create a great design for your custom Fish hook today! Click the "Customize Now" button and get started. Personalize your hip flask by uploading your photos, artwork or design and get a great quality Fish hook.
STRENGTH: Made of high quality light-weight and anti-rust high carbon steel ultra strength treble hooks, sharper than other hooks, Closed eye, Barbed.
SHARP: Excellent selection and fine workmanship made the sharp edge of the hook hard to break, 3 curved hook back and barbs designed to more prevent fish from escaping.
FEATURE: Treble Hooks in extra durable round bend and small wide gap , special bend and moderate gap provides unyielding hook sets and unmatched holding capability for freshwater/saltwater fishing.
APPLICATIONS: These treble hooks are the perfect replacement hooks for hard and soft bait lures, for striped bass, trout, Herring, Eel, panfish, and salmon species ect.

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