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尺寸:S码(7*8cm)适合腕围12-16cm,  L码(8*10cm)适合腕围16-21cm
重量:114g/0.25 lb
价格:(亚马逊标品$4 - $ 12)



  • Features:1. The captain's armband is specially designed to keep you refreshed during exercise. 2. High-quality materials make it comfortable to wear and reduce skin allergies and other discomforts 3. Provide a variety of colors and specifications, suitable for various sports .
  • Care instructions: 1. Avoid mixed washing with other clothes to prevent staining; 2. It is recommended to wash by hand instead of machine washing, dry cleaning or spin drying; 3. Do not wash in hot water with too high temperature. When the temperature exceeds 68 degrees Celsius, it will destroy the fiber structure and damage the product; 4. Do not bleach, or use cleaning agents containing bleaching ingredients, it is recommended to use mild and neutral detergents; 5. Do not use softener, which will damage the fiber structure and damage the product.
  • Precautions:1. Do not use on trauma; susceptible to dermatitis, use with caution for people who are sensitive to rubber or cross-infected. It is not recommended to wear it during sleep. 2. If rash or other problems occur, please stop using it, and it is recommended to consult a doctor. 3. Frequent washing can keep clean and avoid skin discomfort caused by salt removed from the body. 4. Before using for the first time, it is recommended to wash, and the color may fade slightly in the first wash.
  • Play tips:Lead your team to victory, this classic football armband is suitable for all sports.
  • Personalized and Customlzed Printing:Create a great design for your custom football armband today! Click the "Customize Now" button and get started. Personalize your football armband by uploading your photos, artwork or design and get a great quality football armband.





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