21/3/12Personalized Thermal Transfer Blank Portable Mirror Patch Metal Makeup Mirror Customized Text/Picture 226

SKU: 226热转印空白随身镜圆形耳朵

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尺寸:圆形耳朵直径5.5 cm/2.17in  爱心直径6.5 cm/2.56in   圆形6 cm/2.36in   方形5cm/1.97in
材料:Glass mirror
重量:160g/ 0.35lb
价格:(亚马逊标品$ 14- $ 28)


  • High-quality materials: Zinc alloy + glass mirror, a chain linking the mirror sleeve and the mirror.
  • Uses: Small, exquisite, cute, can be carried in a bag. It can also be used as a makeup mirror, allowing you to dress up at any time, hurry up and show off. Can also be used as event gifts, advertising gifts. Oh....... You can also give it away, you can also send it to a girlfriend, a little lover, a female classmate, and a wife.
  • Fashion:A very modern and fashionable small mirror, excellent at hand, whether it is a literary fan or a fashion fan, it is small, very light, very convenient to carry, and it does not take up any space in the bag. Sisters who love beauty You can clean up your makeup at any time. There are many colors for each style, and the styles are available in random colors. Don't worry about choosing because each pattern is great. It is a very real small mirror.
  • LOGO effectCustomer:LOGO can do silk screen, laser, indentation, 3D, embossing, embossing, printing glue, enamel filling, etc.
  • Personalized and Customlzed Printing:Create a great design for your custom thermal transfer blank portable mirror today! Click the "Customize Now" button and get started. Personalize your thermal transfer blank portable mirror by uploading your photos, artwork or design and get a great quality thermal transfer Blank portable mirror.






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