21/3/17Personalized Pet Mat Summer Pet Ice Nest Ice Mat Customized Text/Picture 240

SKU: 240宠物垫夏季冰垫方形绿色波纹S

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重量:2000g/4.41 lb
价格:(亚马逊标品$36 - $ 45)


 Size                 Outer diameter                            Inside diameter                     Weight
    S          66cm/25.98in*56cm/22.05in          40cm/15.75in*30cm/11.81in        0.5-6kg
    M         76cm/29.92in*66cm/25.98in          50cm/19.69in*40cm/15.75in       6-12.5kg
    L           91cm/35.83in*76cm/29.92in          65cm/25.59in*50cm/19.69in     12.5-25kg

Round shape

 Size                   Outer diameter                         Inside diameter                    weight
   S                       45cm/17.72in                             23cm/9.06in                       0-3kg
  M                       55cm/21.65in                            33cm/12.99in                    2.5-7.5kg
  L                         69cm/27.17in                            43cm/16.93in                    7.5-15kg



  • material:Upgraded cold gel, softer and more icy. The interior is filled with sixth-generation polymer cold-sensing gel, which absorbs heat efficiently and is soft and comfortable. The outer cold feeling polyester taffeta fabric is waterproof, moisture-proof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The outer ring of the ice nest is filled with high-quality PP cotton, which is reliable and effective in protecting the ridge.
  • reusable:Easy to care, just hand wash with a damp cloth. Easy to clean, reversible, reusable.
  • Practicality:Place the cushions on the floor, sofa, pet box, kennel, bed, or outdoor shade to make them feel cooler.
  • Style:We have a variety of colors, square and round, suitable for large dogs and small dogs, for your choice.
  • Personalized and Customized Printing:Create a great design for your custom summer pet mat today! Click the "Customize Now" button and get started. Personalize your summer pet mat by uploading your photos, artwork or design and get a great quality summer pet mat.







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